About Us

Traveler's Wine Network began in 2014 when my brother and his wife came back from Italy and could not ship the wine or find it in the US. Our idea began to develop into how we could be a Wine Club for Americans traveling in Europe. 

Traveler's Wine Network is able to work with Dievole to bring their beautiful wines in from Italy at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged if you were going to ship it back home on your own. We receive the wine into our climate controlled warehouse pick and pack the wine and ship if directly to your home so you can enjoy the memories of your trip. 

Traveler's Wine Network Mission

Garland Wines is in business to create a personally enriching wine experience for our clients, employees, vendors and community. We work within our points of culture to make sure all who touch our company will experience our core values and make lasting relationships with us.

Our customers enjoy a welcoming environment where they may purchase wines in volume for a good quality-to-price ratio. They appreciate that many of our wines from the major regions of the world are exclusive and provide an opportunity for personal relationships with our winemakers.

Our team consistently provides personal service for our clients by helping them to be confident about their wine selections. We focus on creative events and programs, educating ourselves and our clients, and hosting personal wine tastings in homes and businesses throughout Missouri and the U.S.


Dan Garland, President of Garland Wines & TWN - Join us at Garland Wines where we have enthusiasm for wine and life! I especially enjoy wine with good friends.